What do jazz and algorithms have in common? We tried to find the answer while developing a fun clip for DJAZZ, a generative music software.

Starting from a voice-over text received from our client, we developed the whole particular universe inspired by the 1950’s comical cartoons. We impersonated the algorithms into tiny cute creatures that help Charlie, our main human character, with his daily chores. Our intention was to easily explain a complicated topic to the grand public.




This was a team project, we worked together to develop the art direction and storyboard.

Heloise Fournier took care of writing the voice-over and managing the voice over actor, Fabien Klesse, video editing and animation of certain plans of the video, Hugo Lombard was in charge of editing the voice over, handling the client and animation of certain parts of the clip, Lea Retailleu and myself we designed and created the look and feel of the illustrations and well as animating parts of the clip.