A lyrical fantasy in a modern concept.

Condemned to stay in his bedroom until dinner time, because he has been lazy, a child takes out his anger on the animals and objects around him. He knocks over a tea service, torments a squirrel and a cat, tears up the tapestry and then his books. Written in 1916 by Colette, then entrusted to the composer Maurice Ravel, L’Enfant et Les Sortilèges is a major operatic work. We had the chance to imagine and conduct the art direction for a small part of the piece, that usually plays at Opera Lyon.





Part of a one-week animation workshop, our task was to propose a fun animatic scenography, that would accompany the actors on the scene. We imagined the child like a moody little monster and the mother like a pair of dominant eyes. This was a fictive project, I worked in a team with Heloise Fournier who animated the mother’s eyes and myself, I animated frame by frame the tiny monster.