During my last year of Master‘s Degree, I have completedapprenticeship with Maje Paris, a luxury women’s brand from Paris. Below I will publish a selection of my works that I have accomplished there, both published project by the company as well as personal researches that I have done using visuals from them.


Published work

My work with the Maje team, as graphic design assistant consisted in creating and adapting visuals for social media, especially Instagram, adapting content for the web (such as banners, newsletters) and print such as posters and light boxes. The two videos from above were created by myself using After Effects and were published and approved by Maje on their Instagram account. They were used to announce a collaboration and a contest.

Outdoor hoarding image for new flagship store
Campaign Poster
Website banner

Experimental work

Personal work that I have experienced with while working for Maje Paris, proposing visual for Instagram, as well as Instagram filters.


Thank you for watching!