Take a peek into the mysterious universe of generative art, with Void Festival, a place where art and science go hand to hand.


This idea behind this project was to create a full media communication around the theme of artificial intelligence. This is a fictive team project, being part of my studies during my master’s degree in art direction at LISAA Paris.





We questioned if artificial intelligence can replace one day the artist? The answer was given by generative art and it’s immense possibilities, many still unknown.


After doing research and experimenting with Processing the mainstream coding program for generative art, we settled for using Trap Code in developing our graphics. When you think of code art you think of the RBG, the glitch and the old coding fonts, we got inspired from all these and gave birth to a unique visual identity that immerses you into the dark yet intriguing world of computer art, put all together into a visual event- VOID Festival.





We worked together as a team to develop the art direction of this project, while task managing the following, Heloise Fournier was in charge with motion design, Inna Marculescu was in charge with developing graphics for social media, video editing and graphical creation of elements from the teaser, Margot Ruet made the printing materials as well as creating visual elements for the teaser and Oriane Desfontaine was in charge of UI/UX of the website.